C45, C90, C180 and C180T

Our power cords are the perfect accessory to your fan’s power needs. Available in the C45 (45°), C90 (90°), C180 (straight), and C180T (“T” style) configurations with either a blunt cut or a plug added termination, you have the option to either plug your fan directly into power or daisy chain your fans together. Each head is separated by 12in of cord. All cords carry UL approval and have a 10amp, 125/250VAC rating.
C180-12 Straight112Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180-24 Straight124Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180-36 Straight136Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180-48 Straight148Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180-48P Straight148Plug AddedBUY NOW
C180-72 Straight172Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180T-12 "T"112Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180T-24 "T"124Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180T-36 "T"136Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180T-48 "T"148Blunt CutBUY NOW
C180T-72 "T"172Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-12 45°112Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-144 45°1144Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-144P 45°1144Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-24 45°124Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-24P 45°124Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-2DC-144P 45°2144Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-2DC-24 45°224Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-2DC-36 45°236Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-2DC-60 45°260Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-2DC-72P 45°272Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-2DC-84 45°284Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-36 45°336Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-3DC-144P 45°3144Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-3DC-24 45°324Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-3DC-24P 45°324Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-3DC-72P 45°372Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-48 45°148Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-48P 45°148Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-4DC-24 45°424Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-4DC-72P 45°472Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-60P 45°160Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-6DC-24 45°624Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-72 45°172Blunt CutBUY NOW
C45-72P 45°172Plug AddedBUY NOW
C45-9DC-24 45°924Blunt CutBUY NOW
C90-12 90°112Blunt CutBUY NOW
C90-144P 90°1144Plug AddedBUY NOW
C90-24 90°124Blunt CutBUY NOW
C90-36 90°136Blunt CutBUY NOW
C90-48 90°148Blunt CutBUY NOW
C90-72 90°172Blunt CutBUY NOW
C90-80P 90°180Plug AddedBUY NOW


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